Integrate Your Wired Alarm System with SmartThings

Integrate Your Wired Alarm System with SmartThings

If your home is wired for an ADT, Honeywell, Interlogix, Ademco or similar alarm system, your home is pre-wired to be a Smart Home.

Connect your existing door & window sensors, motion detectors, and smoke detectors to SmartThings with Konnected Security, and have a smart security system that you will use every day.

Re-use Your Home's Existing Wiring

Re-use Your Home's Existing Wiring

Using our inexpensive kit, free software, and detailed instructions, you can re-wire your home alarm system and convert it to a SmartThings alarm. Wired sensors are super reliable, never run out of batteries, and are a fraction of the cost of wireless ones.

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No contracts or fees. Ever.

No contracts or fees. Ever.

Ditch your alarm monitoring company and their expensive contracts. Cancel your analog phone line. Get alerts from your alarm system immediately on your phone with our seamless integration with Smart Home Monitor

  • Re-use Your Existing Open/Close Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Siren

    You can connect wiring for up to six sensors or zones to each Konnected Security device.

    Add more Konnected devices to connect additional sensors. There's no limit to the number of devices you can have!

    Connect your old alarm system's siren or strobe and control it with your smartphone using SmartThings!

    Supports wired door and window sensorsmotion sensorssmoke detectors and panic buttons.

  • Building a Home? Make it the Smartest Home Ever for Cheap

    If you're building or renovating a home, save money by pre-wiring all the doors, windows and rooms with inexpensive wired contact sensors and motion sensors, then connect everything with Konnected Security

    Wired door and window sensors are nearly invisible when installed in the door/window frames and never run out of batteries.

  • Compatibility & Requirements

    Compatible with nearly all brands of wired home alarm systems.

    Seamlessly compatible with SmartThings Smart Home Monitor and all other SmartThings apps.

    Mix and match wired and wireless sensors for any SmartThings automations.

    Requires WiFi 2.4Ghz and a SmartThings Hub.

Konnected Security: Wired Alarm System SmartThings Conversion Kit


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my old alarm system keypad or panel?

No. You will be disconnecting the sensor wires from your old alarm system panel, rendering it useless. This solution uses the wiring for the sensors, but replaces the alarm panel circuit board.

How many sensors can I connect?

Each Konnected Security device has inputs that can support up to 6 sensors or zones. You can wire multiple sensors together to create a zone and use a single input.

To connect more than 6 sensors or zones, buy more Konnected security devices. There's no limit to the number you can have at the same time, and they can be anywhere in your home as long as there's a WiFi signal.

Why should I buy your kit? Why not build it myself?

You certainly can build this yourself using our open source software! However, if you buy one of our kits you're not only supporting the developers who work hard to make this awesome, you get the following benefits:

• Plug and play. The Konnected firmware and software is pre-loaded on every device we ship.
• Email Support. If you need wiring help or home automation advice, we're here to help!
• 1 Year Warranty. We'll replace the device if it fails within one year.
• 60-day Return Policy. If it doesn't work out, return the product within 60 days for a full refund.
• Ships from the U.S. Fast, free shipping within the U.S. via First Class mail. Affordable shipping worldwide.